Today's Weather: Another Cold Day With Plenty Of Sunshine

After a bright cold day on Wednesday, Thursday will be much of the same with plenty of sunshine — basically, a carbon copy in terms of temperatures. In spite of the chilly conditions this morning, temperatures will warm up into the 30s in the afternoon with a few spots over Cape Cod and the islands nearly reaching 40 degrees.

You'll likely notice a few high clouds late in the day. These are the forerunner of milder air and a quick storm system for Friday. Since temperatures will be cold enough at the start, we will likely see a mixed bag of weather beginning sometime after midnight lasting until around sunrise Friday.

Rain may be proceeded by a brief bit of mixed snow and sleet early Friday (COD Weather).
Rain may be proceeded by a brief bit of mixed snow and sleet early Friday (COD Weather).

These conditions are marginal, especially around Greater Boston. It's most likely that  even if we see some snow and sleet early, it would not cause any trouble on the roadways within a few miles of the city and the coastline. If there are areas where road crews need to treat, it would most likely be north and west of Route 128 and especially as you head toward the New Hampshire border.

There's no doubt that enough warm air will move in to change all of this to rain. Therefore, anything we do see accumulate would be washed away. This isn't a big rainstorm, with only 1/3 to 3/4 of an inch of rain for the majority.

Saturday is my pick for the weekend because behind the storm system, the cold air will wait about 18 hours to move in. This means that we will have sunshine and temperatures in the upper 40s and lower 50s on Saturday, a perfect opportunity to take down your holiday lights and complete any additional outdoor activity you've been wanting to do before winter really sets in.

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