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Today's Weather: Warmer Air And Rain On The Way

This article is more than 4 years old.

Milder air continues to stream north this morning and any wintry precipitation will change over to rain. It doesn't take much glaze to create problems on the roadways so if you are in an area with freezing rain or sleet, take extra caution until temperatures rise a few degrees above freezing.

This is part of a storm system that brought blizzard conditions to the upper Midwest and severe weather to the Gulf over the past couple of days. For New England, it's basically a rainstorm but since the low pressure area is moving rather quickly, there should not be much concern about potential flooding.

Rain will be falling in southern New England much of the morning and early afternoon. (WeatherBell)
Rain will be falling in southern New England much of the morning and early afternoon. (WeatherBell)

Temperatures late this afternoon will reach the lower 50s helped by a southerly flow of air.  It may be quite breezy later.

Overnight, as the inclement weather leaves, skies will partially clear but temperatures will remain quite mild. You can probably keep your windows open tonight, as it will not get below 50.

I'm recommending that unless you really want to keep your holiday lights up beyond the New Year, you take them down tomorrow morning. Readings will be at or above 50 degrees for several hours and this will make it much easier. It may be this mild again next week, but not during the weekend.  After the early warmth, afternoon  temperatures will fall back through the forties and eventually end up in the 20s by Sunday morning.

Although there will be plenty of sunshine Sunday afternoon, temperatures will not reach freezing in most areas.  As has been t

he case so far this winter, the cold won't last very long. Monday will bring milder temperatures and perhaps some showers for New Year's Eve.

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David Epstein Meteorologist
David Epstein was WBUR's meteorologist.



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