Today's Weather: Sunny, But Colder Than Average

Don't let the sunshine deceive you — it isn't going to be as warm as it looks.

You may have noticed temperatures feeling a bit chilly by the end of yesterday as colder air started to work in from Canada. Today will feature plenty of sunshine that will carry into the next several days, but it's going to be quite cool.

As a matter of fact, temperatures may be up to 10 degrees below average this afternoon. It will feel especially chilly compared to the past couple of days, which have been above average.

The sun is really strong this time of year — similar to what it's like in the middle of September — so even though the air will be cool, it's not the same as if it were December. Most of the snow is now gone across southern New England, with just a few remaining piles and a lot of this will finally disappear by the end of this weekend.

The final days of March are going to feature a warming trend, as winds turn from the north toward the south. This will bring in much milder air Friday and Saturday, and we could see our first 70 degree reading.

It's always a little bit difficult to predict whether or not Boston and the immediate coast reaches 70 because it will only takes a feeble sea breeze to prevent that from happening. The best chance to reach 70 degrees will be just away from the coastline on Saturday and some areas could even get into the lower 70s.

Much of the snow in southern New England is gone. (Courtesy NOAA)
Much of the snow in southern New England is gone. (Courtesy NOAA)

If you're wondering if winter is over, it really depends on how you define winter. It's always risky to say that we won't see any more snow because we often see a little bit in April, but it appears to be done. We will see how things turn out over the next couple of weeks.

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Tuesday: Mainly sunny and cold. Highs around 40.

Tuesday Night: Clear and cold. Lows 18-27.

Wednesday: Sunshine. Highs in the mid-40s.

Thursday: Mainly sunny. Highs in the upper 40s to mid-50s.

Friday: Sunny. Highs 55-60.

Saturday: Sun and clouds, unseasonably mild. Highs 55-65 coast, 65-72 inland.

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