Woman Arrested For Allegedly Assaulting EMT In South Boston

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A woman was arrested Thursday in South Boston for allegedly pushing and repeatedly striking a male EMT responding to an emergency call.

Donna Taylor, 37, of Boston, faces several charges, including assault on ambulance personnel, assault and battery on a person age 60 or older and resisting arrest.

State police officials said in a statement that Taylor was "trying to push past" the unidentified Boston EMT to get inside 313 Old Colony Ave. The EMT, the statement said, is a supervisor and was blocking Taylor from entering the building as other medical responders treated an unconscious woman inside.

Taylor "pushed the EMS supervisor and began flailing her arms, striking him in the head and upper body," the statement said. "The supervisor attempted to push her way in self-defense, but she continued her assault unabated, and the two ended up struggling in traffic on Old Colony Avenue at Preble Circle." Two state troopers were handling a traffic stop in Preble Circle and broke up the altercation, the statement said.

The EMT did not seek medical attention, state police said.

Several bystanders filmed the event on their cellphones, but "none of them attempted to help," the statement added.

The troopers said Taylor "continued to struggle" after being placed in handcuffs. Inside a police cruiser, she "continued to slam against the glass and violently kick the door panel."

Taylor, who had a warrant out for her arrest on larceny and destruction of property charges, has been held on $3,040 bail.

The altercation occurred on the same day dozens of Boston EMTs attended the arraignment of a woman who allegedly stabbed a fellow Boston EMT inside an ambulance in a separate incident on Wednesday. That EMT was released from the hospital on Thursday.

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