5 Things To Do This Weekend, From An Electronic Music Festival To Rotting Glass Fruit

I've been warning you, ARTery readers.

After weeks of lamenting the end of summer, fall has finally made its flaming appearance, slowly emblazoning the city in red, orange and yellow. While all of us will miss the sun and warmth, Massachusetts is known for its scenic autumn landscapes. These events coming up this weekend give you the perfect excuse to bring the family (or just yourself) outside to enjoy the increasingly crisp weather.

Bust Out Boston

Brighton Music Hall

Sunday, Sept. 8

After a pilot run of the festival last year, Bust Out Boston is back with an incredibly varied lineup celebrating femme identifying, gender non-conforming and trans musicians in Boston. From the witty lyricism of rappers Dutch Rebelle and Brandie Blaze to the exquisite vocals of Hawthorne and Ghost Grl, Bust Out Boston has a sound for you, no matter your musical palette. And when you purchase a ticket, a portion of the proceeds are donated to Girls Rock Camp Boston and Planned Parenthood of Boston. Music and activism? It doesn't get much better than that.

Striking Gold: Fuller at Fifty Reception

Fuller Craft Museum, Brockton

Saturday, Sept. 7 - April 5, 2020

Fuller Craft Museum is celebrating its 50th anniversary with an exhibition that calls into question our obsession with one of the most valuable metals on earth. Gold drove thousands of Americans out west during the California Gold Rush and was the basis for a global monetary system that dominated the 19th and most of the 20th century. This exhibition interrogates our infatuation with the malleable metal, transforming it into something more than just decoration. The reception includes a panel with the featured artists and an overview of the exhibit. (Read Pamela Reynolds' piece on "Striking Gold.")

(Courtesy Fuller Craft Museum)
(Courtesy Fuller Craft Museum)

MIMO: An Electronic Music Fest

Dorchester Art Project

Saturday, Sept. 7

What does MIMO stand for? The clever name of this electronic music festival pays homage to an antenna technology for wireless communications: multiple antennas are used at both the source (transmitter) and the destination (receiver). Hence MIMO: multiple inputs multiple outputs. The name is fitting for a festival highlighting the strength of the electronic music scene and a metaphor (maybe) for the ethos of the festival. Each musical act is both a source of sound and a receiver of it. The lineup includes local favorites like DJ Luna Mariposa, Radio Skotvoid and PussyVision.

MIMO: An Electronic Musical Festival takes place at Dorchester Art Project (Courtesy)
MIMO: An Electronic Musical Festival takes place at Dorchester Art Project (Courtesy)

Fruits In Decay

Harvard Museum of Natural History, Cambridge

Through March 1, 2020

Ever leave fruit too long on the counter or stuffed in the crisper bin of your refrigerator? What once was a delicious treat blooms with mold, both gross and strangely fascinating. "Fruits in Decay" at the Harvard Museum of Natural History puts this process of deterioration on display with one catch: all of the fruit is made from glass. These detailed, botanical models of strawberries, peaches, and other fruits were handcrafted by famed glass artist Rudolf Blaschka and are on display for the first time in nearly two decades. If anything, this exhibit will make you rethink the ugliness of rotting fruit.

Rudolf Blaschka's botanical glass replicas highlight fruit in various states of decay (Courtesy Harvard Museum of Natural History)
Rudolf Blaschka's botanical glass replicas highlight fruit in various states of decay (Courtesy Jennifer Berglund)

Back to School Ball: Fundraiser for the Transgender Emergency Fund

Hibernian Hall, Roxbury

Saturday, Sept. 7

Does the news have you down? Check out this Back to School Ball in Roxbury. A "ball" is a space where queer & trans people of color participate in competitions, judged on their costumes and their dancing or “voguing” skills. Balls have a deep rooted history in black and Latinx communities, subverting racism and the norms of the gender binary that rule our society at large. This ball is also a fundraiser for the Transgender Emergency Fund, an organization that provides assistance to low-income trans individuals throughout Massachusetts. (Read Quincy Walters' piece on voguing at Boston GLASS.)

The flyer for the Back To School Ball (Courtesy Mass NOW)
The flyer for the Back To School Ball (Courtesy Mass NOW)


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