Today's Weather: Generally Dry, With A Warming Trend

Whenever we get into really dry patterns like the one we're in now, there's always the chance that some small element of weather interrupts things. Today looks completely sunny and I'm not looking for much in the way of cloudiness beyond a few elements coming in off the water.

But later this evening, as high-pressure positions itself in such a manner that we have a flow of wind off the water, I do think there's going to be some cloudiness trying to move in for Wednesday. If something is going to get in the way of all our sunshine, it would be the wind off the water that day.

Relative to average, the northeast will be the warmest spot in the eastern US this weekend. (Courtesy Tropical Tidbits)
Relative to average, the northeast will be the warmest spot in the eastern U.S. this weekend. (Courtesy Tropical Tidbits)

When these easterly flows happen this time of the year, and the sun angle is getting lower, we can get socked in with low clouds and even a spot or two of drizzle. So for Wednesday, it's definitely going to be our coolest day of the next seven and it also runs the risk of being the day we don't see a lot of sunshine. Toward the end of the week, temperatures are going to start to moderate, and it's actually going to become hot for some of you by the weekend. Many areas will get into the mid- or even upper 80s.

The warm weather will not only last into the weekend, but likely into early next week. Average high temperatures are in the lower 70s this time of the year, so getting into the mid- or upper 80s is quite abnormal.

In addition to all the sunshine, I don't see any precipitation. For those of you doing fall planting, you'll need to continue to water adequately, as Mother Nature will not be helping at all.

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Tuesday: Becoming mostly sunny, highs in the upper 60s.

Tuesday night: Coastal clouds move inland. Chance of shower. Lows 45-53.

Wednesday: Morning clouds, some spot drizzle/fog. Sun tries to break through, especially inland. Cool. Highs in the 60s.

Thursday: Sunshine, pleasant. Highs 65-70.

Friday: Lots of sun. Highs 70-75.

Saturday: Sunshine and warm. Highs approaching 80.

Sunday: More sunshine and dry. Highs within a few degrees of 83.

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