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Weekend Weather: Mild Temps, Storm Brings Heavy Rain Saturday

A mild high pressure area has moved away and we have a new, cooler area of high pressure today. This will influence our weather to conclude the work week and start the weekend.

The temperature up in northern Maine on Thursday reached well into the 30s, at a time when the average high temperature is usually in the upper teens. I mention this because after a week or so of below-average readings, we're now back to the warm stuff. Remember, "warm" in January is not the same as "warm" in July — but if you don't like cold weather, this is certainly pretty easy to take.

Tomorrow, a closed area of low pressure will approach from the south and eventually bring a slug of rain. Those of you who are seeking out snow will have to go to the very highest elevations of northern Massachusetts — or better yet, into the further north states of the region, where some could see perhaps 4 to 8 inches of snow Saturday night.

Rain, heavy at times, arrives Saturday night. (Courtesy NOAA)
Rain, heavy at times, arrives Saturday night. (Courtesy NOAA)

The air will remain somewhat unstable Sunday. This might lead to a quick shower, or even a few snow showers if you're headed skiing. Winds will be a bit gusty on Sunday, before coming down as we start the new work week.

Looking further ahead, I still don't see any extended days of Arctic air and I have no confidence that there's going to be any snow storms in the near future. Sorry, snow lovers.

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Friday: Partly sunny and mild for January. Highs 40-45.

Friday night: Clouds and some breaks. Lows 28-34.

Saturday: Clouding up. Rain developing. May start briefly as snow. Highs near 40.

Sunday: Rain or snow showers. Highs near 40.

Monday: Partial sunshine. Highs near 40.

David Epstein Twitter Meteorologist
David Epstein is WBUR's meteorologist.


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