Today's Weather: Showers On The Way

Although there was a bit of a breeze yesterday, Mother's Day turned out to be quite lovely compared to the day before. Today we watch a warm front, then a cold front approach the area. The first could bring a few showers this morning. Then we'll see a break. As the cold front moves in this afternoon, I expect an additional line of showers and thunderstorms containing some heavier downpours and the possibility of some small hail. But it's also possible we'll miss them all together.

A tenth to a quarter inch of rainfall is likely for most areas today. (Courtesy: COD Weather)
A tenth to a quarter inch of rainfall is likely for most areas today. (Courtesy: COD Weather)

Temperatures today will be seasonably mild reaching around 60. Tomorrow we have a nice day, but it's going to be cool. High pressure builds in from Canada bringing the potential for a frost on Tuesday night. The most likely spots will be well inland and in the sheltered valleys. I think after Wednesday morning, our chances of frost will greatly diminish for the rest of the spring – hopefully the next time we have to talk about this for most folks will be in the fall.

Later Thursday there's a chance for a couple of showers. It does turn milder to start the weekend. Whether or not the mild temperatures will last will be dependent on a backdoor cold front later this weekend. Spring is the time of year when cool air can come in from Eastern Canada and dramatically drop temperatures along the coastline. Well inland, areas can see readings in the sixties and lower 70s. We'll have to see how it all plays out later this week.

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Monday: Sunshine, then clouds, some late morning showers, more afternoon/evening showers or storms.  Highs around 60.  Chance of some heavier storms.

Monday night: Evening showers and thunder.  Late night clearing.  Lows around 40.

Tuesday: Sunshine and cooler. Highs in the mid-50s.

Tuesday night: Partly cloudy to clear and cold. Lows 32-39.

Wednesday: Sunshine and a few high clouds. Highs around 60.

Thursday: Sunshine and clouds. Highs in the mid-60s.

Friday: Clouds, some showers and mild.  Highs 68-74.

Saturday: Sunshine and clouds still could shower. Highs near 70.

Sunday: Partly cloudy, may shower. Highs 65-68.

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