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Today's Weather: Here Comes The Humidity

Today, we wait for a warm front across the region.

This frontal system divides comfortable levels of humidity from oppressive levels of humidity. The frontal system moves north late today, and overnight it will become more uncomfortable. You'll likely notice the change in the air mass during the day today, although it won't be very warm, so in spite of the humidity it will be somewhat easy to deal with.

The wind will come off the water so temperatures along the coastline will be about 10 degrees cooler than inland areas. Look for highs in Boston to reach the lower 70s, but as you get west of 128 readings will be up near 80 degrees.

With the tropical air mass in place tonight, temperatures will stay in the 60s and you'll probably need to put the air conditioner on in order to be comfortable.

Rainfall on Thursday is expected to amount to no more than a quarter inch in most of the area. (Courtesy NOAA)
Rainfall on Thursday is expected to amount to no more than a quarter inch in most of the area. (Courtesy NOAA)

A cold front will slowly approach the region on Friday, but before it gets here, a few showers will likely fall during Thursday. Some areas have not received the beneficial shower activity lately, so they are in need of rainfall. Other areas are not faring quite as poorly.

Friday is looking like a really good beach day. Temperatures will get into the 80s inland, and may even approach 80 degrees at many of the beaches thanks to a westerly flow of air.

The weekend looks to be OK, although I'm going to be watching some shower activity perhaps on Sunday.

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Wednesday:  Clouds and some sunshine. Highs 70-75 at the coast, 75-80 inland.

Wednesday night: Clouds and muggier. Lows 60-66. Late night showers possible.

Thursday: More clouds and muggy, with a change of a shower. Highs 78-83.

Friday: Clouds and sun. Highs 80-85. Cooler south coast.

Saturday: Sun and clouds. Warm with highs near 80.

Sunday: Partly cloudy. May shower. Highs around 75.

Monday:  Sun and clouds. Highs around 72

Tuesday:  Highs in the mid 70s.

David Epstein Twitter Meteorologist
David Epstein is WBUR's meteorologist.


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