Some Logan travelers have dodged the Sumner closure backups

A sign near the Sumner Tunnel entrance warn drivers to expect delays this summer. (Robin Lubbock/WBUR)
A sign near the Sumner Tunnel entrance warn drivers to expect delays this summer. (Robin Lubbock/WBUR)

Some travelers driving to and from Logan Airport during the Sumner Tunnel closure have been lucky this week, finding few of traffic headaches that state officials have warned commuters about.

At Logan’s car rental hub, Greyson Johnson of Houston said he picked up a car three days after the Sumner shutdown. The rental agency sent him an email before the trip warning of potential traffic delays, he said, but driving has been largely smooth sailing.

“It took us 15 minutes to get into town leaving the airport,” Johnson said.

When he returned his rental on Wednesday morning, Johnson said there was minimal congestion on his way to the airport.

That same morning, Keith Moran and his wife picked up a rental car at Logan for a trip to Western Massachusetts. The pair is visiting from Kodiak, Alaska.

Before leaving, he looked up his route on Google Maps. It showed a red line indicating a snarl of vehicles headed out of the airport toward the Massachusetts Turnpike. The backup was estimated to add six minutes to his trip.

“Once I’m out of Boston I’m good,” Moran said, noting that the rest of the way on his map looked blue, which means no traffic.

Moran said he’ll plan for some extra time when he returns the vehicle near the airport. He said there was a “maze of congestion” when he arrived at the car rental hub and he doesn’t want to be delayed or miss his flight.

The Massachusetts Department of Transportation alerted drivers they would experience more traffic and congestion this week, as people returned from Fourth of July travel.

On Tuesday morning, it took drivers 46 minutes to travel from Copeland Circle in Revere to the Tobin Bridge. That same commute took 20 minutes for drivers on the same day last year, according to MassDOT. So far this week, the department has found that travel time for drivers has remained in line with their expectations for this project.

The Sumner Tunnel will remain closed for repairs until Aug. 31.


Andrea Perdomo-Hernandez Transportation Reporter
Andrea Perdomo-Hernandez is a transportation reporter for WBUR.



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