New Visuals team members!

<strong>Langston Sessoms</strong> (Langston Sessoms)
Langston Sessoms (Langston Sessoms)

In a note to newsroom staff, the visuals team made the following announcement:

Kaz Fantone (Kaz Fantone)
Iman Young (Iman Young)
Christina Shaman (Christina Shaman)
Jackie Lay (Jackie Lay)

Good morning;

I'd like you all to meet several new additions to the Visuals team. They all bring some amazing skills to our group and to NPR!

Kaz Fantone is a Los Angeles-based animator and illustrator joining the YouTube podcast team as an assistant producer for motion graphics. Kaz was part of NPR's first remote intern class in 2020 as an illustration intern on the Visuals team and most recently worked as a freelance animator for ATC's Instagram shorts and Tiny Desk. When he's not drawing, you can find him either searching for new graphic novels, reading up on Excel formulas, or playing a game of Tetris.

Christina Shaman is a filmmaker, podcast producer and journalist joining the YouTube podcast team as an associate video producer. Previously, Christina worked as a researcher and producer at Brut, making 10-20 minute, character-driven, immersive documentaries. She is a graduate of Columbia University's Graduate school of Journalism. When she's not working, Christina enjoys frequenting her favorite vegan café in Brooklyn, watching documentaries, and has recently taken up both pottery and knitting.

Langston Sessoms is a freelance filmmaker joining the YouTube podcast team as an associate video producer. He has worked on a variety of directed music videos and short-form digital content for clients like Griselda Records, Target, Adidas, and Champs Sports. Recently, he directed and edited a video for a Pampers's initiative to raise awareness for Black maternal health. When he's off the clock, he's probably somewhere binging MCU or classic gangster movies.

Iman Young is a Brooklyn-based producer, movement artist, model and writer joining the YouTube podcast team as an associate video producer. She studied Social & Cultural Analysis with a concentration in the politics of vulnerability. She's worked with Genius, CNN's Documentary Unit, Buzzfeed, and other production companies working in museum exhibits, and independent films. She's collaborated with The Weeknd as a movement artist in his single Over Now, and has starred as the lead love interest in Pink Sweat$'s Real Thing music video. Iman enjoys the contemporary Black art space, spending lots of time in nature, and taking dance classes.

Jackie Lay is an illustrator, animator and art director joining the Visuals team as an associate producer for motion graphics. Last fall, Jackie jumped in last-minute to help us complete season two of The Formula. Previously, she worked on Vox's Netflix show 'Explained' on episodes about royalty, country music, apologies and skin, and at The Atlantic where she made animations about sex recessions, creativity, mass incarceration and dogs. She loves bringing thoughtful visuals to powerful audio to engage audiences around the world. When not working, she loves to dabble in new hobbies like pottery, barbershop singing, and ukulele. But now she has a toddler, so she just does that.

Please help us welcome them to NPR!

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