Live, It's SNL and Cash! Plus: Digitize Your Stereo

If standing in line at the mall isn't your bag, we've dipped into our bag to offer some weekend diversions, from the very first season of SNL, finally out on DVD, to a Web site that will answer your burning questions.

Sure, you could hit the mall this weekend. Stand in line. Buy gifts. Or you could procrastinate. If you fall into the latter camp, we have a few suggestions. SNL's very first season is finally out on DVD (and it's definitely funnier than the current season). Johnny Cash fans will crave the reissue of his 1969 San Quentin concert, complete with prison jokes and top-notch opening acts. For those who are already tired of relentless holiday cheer, revel in the bile of Frost, a darkly comedic novel by Austrian writer Thomas Bernhard. We'll also tell you how to bring digital music to your stereo with a minimum of fuss, and where to turn online when you have a burning question and no one to answer it.

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