Show rundown for 12/22/2001

College Bowl Preview

The 64-61 final score in this week's GMAC bowl is likely to be remembered as the highest point total in any college bowl. But most of College Football's most anticipated match-ups are still to come. Sports Illustrated's Ivan Maisel joins us for a preview.

12th Man Out

In the final minutes of the 1969 Orange Bowl game, Rick Abernathy was tagged for being the 12th man on the field for the University of Kansas. His team eventually lost, after leading Penn State for almost the entire game. But Abernathy hasn't given up on football. Reporter Greg Echlin recently met up with Abernathy and has our report.

Info Break

A gun-toting, deer-shooting grandma bags a big one.

Best American Sportswriting

Every year, we talk with Glenn Stout, the series editor for the Best American Sportswriting. This time, we're also joined by Bud Collins, our friend and 2001's Guest Editor. Glenn and Bud will share some of their favorite entries and defend a few articles that aren't immediate favorites.

The Odd Couple

John Rocker and Carl Everett both have been traded to the Texas Rangers. Only A Game will deal with this news in the only way we know how...with sarcasm and silliness.

Charlie Pierce

Bill Littlefield and analyst Charlie Pierce discuss: the sale of the Red Sox, the Heat form ice, and soccer keeps prisoners behind bars.

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