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Show rundown for 12/29/2001

This article is more than 17 years old.


Trish Anderton of New Hampshire Public Radio introduces us to a sport that has no use for winners or losers. It's Kyudo, the practice of Zen archery. In Kyudo, the victory is not found by beating your competition. But, by reaching a perfect state of meditation.

College Caskets

Can you take your love of your school colors with you to the grave? Why not, says Scott Walston of Collegiate Memorials. He talks to Bill Littlefield about his line of school spirit caskets and urns.

Bronze medal winner

Bronze medal winner cracks a smile for the crowd.

Velcro Bullfighting

Only A Game's Ken Shulman reports from California, where some of the world's finest matadors use Velcro to defeat fearsome bulls and skirt California's ban on bullfighting.

Sports and Culture Commentary

Bill reflects on how sports are a common thread in every culture, as is love.


Physical Education teacher Dan Latham was tired of teaching kids who were tired of the same old P.E. classes. So, he created cyberaerobics, a combination of video games and fitness equipment that has kids lining up for class. From member station KLON, Nick Roman joins Southern California's latest fitness craze.


Go easy on the back swing and don't forget to follow through. Golf instructions? Sure. But they work for horseshoes too, as North Country Public Radio's David Summerstein found out.

Blind Chess

Michelle Seaton has a story on a chess tournament that is unlike any other. Blind chess is a small but growing phenomenon, and the players hope that it will become a part of the mainstream chess community.

This program aired on December 29, 2001. The audio for this program is not available.

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