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Show rundown for 2/9/2002

This article is more than 21 years old.

Olympic Opening Ceremonies

The Boston Globe's John Powers calls in from Salt Lake City to review Friday's Winter Olympic Ceremonies and preview next week's events.

Olympic Set Up

Bev Amsler, of member station KUER in Salt Lake City, shows what the city is doing in its final preparations for the Winter Olympics that started this week.

Info Break

The super eating champion.

Politics and the Olympics

Bill looks at how the Olympics have been used as a political tool throughout the last century. The instances we examine range from a simple raised black fist to a harrowing tragedy in Munich. But all have been burned in our memory as much, or perhaps even more than, the athletic achievements themselves.

Derek Hulme

Dr. Derek Hulme, Political Science professor at Alma College in Michigan explores further with Bill the notion the Olympics have long been used for political purposes, both violent and peaceful.

Charlie Pierce

Bill Littlefield and Only A Game analyst Charlie Pierce discuss: Mellow Harshing, Whistful Waxing of Whushu, and The Super Bowl was good.

Rick Demont

How a US swimmer won, then lost, a gold medal in 1972. Now he may be getting it back after 30 years. The story is brought to you by Only A Game's Greg Echlin.

Patriot Miracle

Finally, in the best thing that has happened to anyone, anywhere at anytime...THE NEW ENGLAND PATRIOTS ARE SUPER BOWL CHAMPIONS. Well, that's true if you live in Boston. Bill Littlefield relives the previously thought to be impossible dream of New Englanders reveling in their team's upset Super Bowl victory.

This program aired on February 9, 2002. The audio for this program is not available.


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