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Show rundown for 8/10/200226:51

This article is more than 17 years old.

Strike Anthem

With the latest baseball work stoppage looming, we reprise a song written in honor of the downtrodden major league ballplayer.

Das Hate Line

If there is one thing the Olympics bring to the world, it's hype. And there is one little sausage that took on the hype in his own way. Bill talked to Alois Gmeiner, an Austrian writer who had an Olympics hate line.

Info Break

Ganesha, give me a googly.

Pig Farming

Usually, homes adjacent to golf courses are desirable property. But, one homeowner in Stuart, Florida says he wishes a golf course never moved in next door. That's because the development wants him to shut down his pig farm. Bill Littlefield talked to farmer Paul Thompson about his predicament.

Deep Blue

Deep Blue gained notoriety a few years back when the supercomputer beat chess master Garry Kasparov. Not everybody was impressed, as we learned from a conversation between Deep Blue and his mother.

Rick Norman

Commentator Rick Norman took a stand against a French mayor who refers to "soccer" as "football" and considers cycling to be a serious sport.


Baseball, the evil temptress, tried to win Only a Game Associate Producer Gabe O'Connor back.


Host Bill Littlefield tells how the show's staff foiled a fiendish plot to submit a Super Bowl Haiku under the guise of America's Poet Laureate. And since the coward won't show his or her true identity, Poet Laureate Robert Pinsky gave us his thoughts as well.

Super Ad Spoofs

Sometimes the Super Bowl Ads are more exciting than the game itself. So we at "Only A Game" threw together a couple of ads you just might see during the next Super Bowl.

Casey Martin

Last year the Supreme Court upheld Casey Martin's right to ride a golf cart in the PGA. "Only A Game" took a rather silly look at whether sports purists have anything to worry about.

Candlepin Bowling

If Ken Burns can do an 11-part series on Baseball history, well, we can do a piece on the wonder of candlepin bowling. No retrospective of Only A Game comedy can be complete without the return of our most popular spoof.

This program aired on August 10, 2002.

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