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Show rundown for 9/14/200226:51

This article is more than 16 years old.

Tim Kurkjian

Nobody is happier than ESPN's Tim Kurkjian. Baseball has not blown itself up and the pennant races look to be great ones. He talked to Bill from Bristol, Conn. about those things and other reasons to watch baseball's final month.


The most unlikely of Super Bowl Champions, the New England Patriots started off their defense of the Lombardi Trophy with a throttling of the Pittsburgh Steelers. One must wonder when these victories are going to stop being a surprise.

Play the Game

Great Britain invented, and used to dominate, many of the games we love today. That domination has faded through the years, but now a CD produced by Phillip Machin may remind the world of Britain's past glory. Machin joined us in the studio to talk about "Play The Game."

Old Man Pflugelhorn

Tired of hearing "Who Let The Dogs Out?" or "Rock and Roll part 1" at sporting events? Well Bill talks to a sports music historian that can show when sports music was REALLY, well, sporting. Oh, you'll see.

Charlie Pierce

Bill Littlefield and "Only A Game" analyst Charlie Pierce Discuss: A NFL legend's death, a great severance package, and golfers outfoxed at the course.

Jet Ski Scandal

Depending on whom you talk to, Jet Skis are fun recreational vehicles that allow responsible riders to enjoy lakes and waterways like never before. Or they're loud polluting machines whose riders are often irresponsible and even dangerous. The National Park Service is pondering a ban of these vehicles in its parks. Environmentalist Sean Smith and Stephan Andranian of the American Watercraft Association joined Bill on the line to make their respective cases.

This program aired on September 14, 2002.

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