Show rundown for 11/23/2002

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NCAA Men's Hoops Preview

We are a long way from March Madness but it's never too early to start talking college basketball with Pat Forde of the Louisville Courier-Journal and He gives us his preview of the upcoming men's season and a prediction we're pretty sure he'd want us to forget, but we won't.

Florida International University

College football powers Florida, Florida State and the defending national champion University of Miami have long vied for attention and prestige. This year, little known Florida International University launched its Division 1-AA football program, and the young team has a long way to go before it catches up with other programs in its home state . From Miami, Keyvan Antonio Heydari has our story.

Ballet Marathon

Ballerinas, lots of them, dance for a long time. Please pass the Cheetos.

Best Olympics Ever?

Some applaud the effort of organizing, running, publicizing, and selling the Olympic Games Dissenters, such as Helen Jefferson Lenskyj, view the games in another light altogether.

Rock Paper Scissors Champion

You've played it. We've all played it. Rock beats scissors, scissors beats paper and paper beats rock. But we bet you didn't know there's a World Rock Paper Scissors Society. Not only that, the society held it's first championship last week. We'll talk to the first RPS champion of the world.

Minority NFL coaches, Los Expos and More

This week on Only A Game's Charlie Pierce returns to the studio to discuss, Minority NFL coaches, Los Expos de Puerto Rico and a Cub Scout Swimming Juggernaut.

Leaving Eden

Commentator Elyssa Ely remarks on the challenges of changing schools.

Fall Fun Ride

Some embrace dirt bike racing as a serious, and dangerous, sport. But, nationwide, over 18-million people enjoy riding dirt bikes and four wheelers through the woods for fun, not fame. Reluctant daredevil producer Hal Humphreys traveled to Hurricane Mills, Tennessee to meet the families of dirt biking.

This program aired on November 23, 2002.


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