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Show rundown for 12/14/200239:13

This article is more than 16 years old.

NHL Update with Helene Elliott

The NHL season won't really heat up until after the holidays, but Helene Elliott still is ready to help us distinguish the NHL's top points winners from the league's pointless..

The Hornets of New Orleans

There's a lot to like about New Orleans. There's the food, the French Quarter, the music, The French Quarter...ahem. Anyway, "Only A Game's" Greg Echlin found out the members of the city's newest sports franchise, the Hornets of the NBA, like all of those things too...alot.

Bingo Brawl

British bingo turns into big british bingo brawl.

Undersized 300 pound men.

Bigger is better in the NFL. And they are getting much bigger, none more so than the lineman. Only a decade ago, being 300 pounds was remarkable. Now, being 300 pounds means you better start eating more. We explore the startling increase of 300+ pound men in the NFL and the dangers that come with being so big.

Ending the Losing Streak

This week, the University of Minnesota-Morris Women's Division II Basketball team finally won a game. We'll talk to their coach, Jim Hall, about overcoming the team's 72 consecutive losses, the longest losing streak in NCAA history.

A rose is a rose is a rose

A rose is a rose is a rose...unless, of course, you're Pete Rose, then you just stink.

Heisman Hype and More With Charlie Pierce

Bill Littlefield and Only A Game analyst Charlie Pierce hype: Hesiman Trophy hype, college bowl game hype and Lebron James Hype.

9th Annual Holiday Gift Guide

Bathroom Tennis Shower Curtains, Shotgun Shell Christmas Lights, and Santa driving a mini-NASCAR replica... We'll have all of this and more it all in our annual tribute to wacky sports gifts.

This program aired on December 14, 2002.

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