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Show rundown for 12/28/200226:51

This article is more than 16 years old.


When Jim Ertner won the O. Henry Pun Off championship last May, it wasn't the groans of the audience that determined his victory but their applause. As strange as it sounds, some people enjoy listening to a never-ending string of puns, and, much to our surprise, we seem to be among them.

Masters Swimming

Last April, a swim meet for the ageless was held in Cambridge, Massachusetts. Bill Littlefield was there and filed this report.

Cut That Yoga Racket Out!

The road to enlightenment through yoga does NOT go through one London neighborhood.


Everybody knows that some sports can be played indoors but few know that some sports can be played without getting out of your chair.

Carleton College

Who says Universities need scholarship cheerleaders and musicians to rev up the crowd at Carelton College in Minnesota, the Gender Neutral Cheerboys and a pep band that has yet to practice are getting the attention, if not the respect of fans and players. On October 19th, Mary Stuckey watched the winless Carleton Knights take on St. Thomas University. Last month we aired her audio profile on the hapless football team that could have the worst supporters in the country...or best depending on your perspective.

My Racing Heart

A life shaped by the people and events at the racetrack is revealed in Nan Mooney's book, "My Racing Heart."

Belt Sander Racing

In the past, "Only A Game" has featured such esoteric sports as: Skillet tossing, wife carrying and ice golf. In honor of this great tradition and with the help of our intrepid reporter Sean "Tool Time" Cole, in April, we brought you, belt sander racing.

This program aired on December 28, 2002.

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