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Show rundown for 3/15/200326:51

This article is more than 16 years old.

March Madness

Pat Forde of the Louisville Courier-Journal will preview the NCAA men's basketball tournament and examine the troubled Georgia program.


Creighton University men's basketball team is a surprise contender this year and could go deep in the tournament. Greg Echlin reports that the team's success comes from a controversial source...Iowa.

Corporate Arm Wrestling

A telecommunications dispute goes over the top.

Montreal Expos

The financially strapped Montreal Expos have been looking for a new place to play baseball for some time. Next week civic groups from several cities will make a pitch to make their town the Expos next hometown. Meanwhile, the team will make Puerto Rico their temporary home for part of this season. Ron Schacter has more on the strange trip of the Montreal Expos.

Stealing Lives

Major League Baseball teams have been counting on players named Martinez, Ramirez, and Gonzales, not to mention Valenzuela, Marichal, and Clemente for decades. But the story of what Latino players often have to overcome in their attempts to make it to the big leagues is much less known. In a new book entitled Stealing Lives, David P. Fidler and Arturo J. Marcano Guevara have told that story. David Fidler joins us to talk about the book.

Iditarod Update

Bill Littlefield updates the results of the Iditarod.

Big Dance and More with Charlie Pierce

Bill Littlefield and Only A Game analyst Charlie Pierce discuss: Charlie's alma mater goes to the big dance, NFL officials look for new jobs, and a lawnmower takes a journey.

Harvard Women's Ice Hockey

After racking up 29 wins against just one loss and one tie in the regular season, the Harvard Women's Ice Hockey team is now preparing to play for the national championship. Bill Littlefield met with members of the team and has our report.

This program aired on March 15, 2003.

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