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This article is more than 17 years old.

The NCAA Tourney Continues On

The NCAA tournament has begun despite the war in Iraq. We talk to Pat Forde of the Louisville Courier-Journal to try and gauge the mood amongst the players and fans.

Women's Hoops in the Land of Lombardi

There's a great sports story in the football-crazy town of Green Bay, Wisconsin. The University of Wisconsin-Green Bay women's basketball program will never replace the beloved Packers. But Patty Murray, of Wisconsin Public Radio, found that the locals are coming around.

Rebounding Renegade

To try to increase his stats, an NBA player shoots at the wrong basket...on purpose.

Gearheads: The Turbulent Rise of Robotic Sports

On the other end of the robotic scale are more aggressive machines with names like Mauler, Nightmare, Spiney Norman, and Vlad the Impaler. We hear about the heroes and villains of robotic combat sports from Brad Stone, author of Gearheads.

National Women's Hockey League

Bolstering Ottawa, Canada's already hockey-mad image is the presence of the Ottawa Raiders, the city's entry in the 11-team National Women's Hockey League, the 4 year old circuit that one day hopes to be to hockey what the WNBA is to basketball. Dave Naylor has our report.


Bill Littlefield reflects on the value of our games during wartime.

This program aired on March 22, 2003.

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