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NCAA Women's Tourney

It's about time the NCAA Women's Basketball Tournament embraced the idea of March Madness and had some real upsets. All the #3 seeds are gone after the first two rounds and there have been many close calls for the higher seeds. Of course, Connecticut, Tennessee and Duke are still alive and they may be among the final four when it's all said and done. Mechelle Voepel of the Kansas City Star joins us to discuss whether it's going to be UConn as usual or could a real upstart surprise everyone at the end.

Tony Pena

Just think, your baseball team stinks, your owner won't spend money and you have no real chance to compete this year, and maybe even next year. How do you rectify the situation? If you're Tony Pena, manager of the Kansas City Royals, you crack jokes. Mitch Teich of KNAU in Flagstaff, Arizona, reports the plan may not win him a pennant but it may make his club house a happier place to be.

A Blessed Bet

Nuns in California hit the jackpot at the track.

Tim Kurkjian

Baseball's major leaguers have reached the point where they're tired of playing games that don't count. In places some of which will probably still be to cold for the occasion, opening day is about to occur. That's why we have Tim Kurkjian of ESPN joining us for a pre-season preview that includes who's new on what team and why the hardest coaching job may be in New York.

Life After Hockey

Not all professional athletes are set for life by the time they leave their sport. In fact, most athletes will eventually need to find a new job. To that end, the NHL and the NHL Players Association are sponsoring a new Life After Hockey program at Quinnipiac University. We'll see how the fledgling program is progressing.


Bill Littlefield opens the Only A Game mailbag.

Mighty Marquette and More with Charlie Pierce

Bill Littlefield and Only A Game analyst Charlie Pierce discuss: the mighty march of Marquette University, Tiger's latest challenge, and Atlantic City resists the call of Don King.

Unofficial Marathon

The DC Marathon expected an international field and over 7000 runners, but officials cancelled the event citing security concerns. We'll talk with Therese Cluck, one of the organizers and runners of the Unofficial DC marathon.

This program aired on March 29, 2003.

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