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Show rundown for 5/31/200326:51

This article is more than 16 years old.

World Cup Worries

The SARS outbreak in China has brought the Women's World Cup back to the United States this September. Now, organizers are scrambling to secure venues and publicize the event. We'll take a look at the challenges planners will face in planning a major international event in just three months.

NBA Finals

The first L.A. Lakerless NBA Finals since 1999 looks to be a good one. Scott Howard-Cooper of the Sacramento Bee gives us his analysis of the matchup between the New Jersey Nets and the San Antonio Spurs.

No Cheese for You!

The dangerous sport of Cheese Rolling is postponed for a year.

LPGA Commissioner

The Sorenstam effect on the LPGA tour is least in the very short run. On Tuesday, press credential requests for this week's LPGA tour stop, the Kellog-Keebler Classic outside Chicago, were twice as numerous as normal, and advanced ticket sales were up 50 percent. We'll talk with Ty Votaw, Commissioner of the LPGA.

Game Time: A Baseball Companion

What a fine thing for baseball and fans of superb writing that Roger Angell discovered his oneness with the game over 40 years ago, and has been giving it perhaps better treatment than baseball deserved ever since. We'll talk to Mr. Angell about his new book, Game Time: A Baseball Companion.

NBA Finals and More with Charlie Pierce

Bill Littlefield and Only A Game analyst Charlie Pierce discuss: Reasons to watch the NBA Finals, reasons to not watch the Stanley Cup Finals and how dressing like Groucho Marx is a sport.

Cowboy Action Shooting

Only A Game's Karen Given takes a gander at the sport that has otherwise perfectly normal folks putting on cowboy outfits and pretending to be gunslingers.

This program aired on May 31, 2003.

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