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Show rundown for 7/5/200326:51

This article is more than 16 years old.

Bill Laimbeer and the Detroit Shock

If you didn't live in Detroit in the late '80s, you probably didn't like the Pistons. And if you didn't like the Pistons, you definitely didn't love Bill Laimbeer. The four-time All Star drove fans and opponents crazy with his physical play. Today, he's winning again, this time as the coach of the WNBA's Detroit Shock. We'll talk to Laimbeer about coaching the Shock.

Draft Night In Denver

What do you do when your NBA team has a lottery pick in one of the more compelling drafts in years? Pippin Ross went to Denver, and met Nuggets fans, jaded by years of failure, who cared little about the impending arrival potential superstar, Carmelo Anthony.

Bob Price

The most heralded High School basketball player in history is coming to his hometown team. It seems like a PR person's dream. But Cleveland Cavaliers Communications Director, Bob Price is leaving his employer of 20 years so he can teach math. Pippin Ross talks to Price about his change in careers.

Belgian in a Bottle

A Belgian man tries to cross the Atlantic in a Bottle...that's right, a bottle.


Bud Collins of NBC and the Boston Globe joins Pippin from Wimbledon with an update of both the men's and women's brackets.

Who's Your Caddy?

Pippin Ross goes golfing with Rick Reilly and talks to him about his new book, Who's Your Caddy?

The Only A Game Newsreel

Producer Gabe O'Connor found this vintage newsreel from the Only A Game archives.

Major League Remodel

There's a home decorating television show for everyone these days....including baseball fans. This coming week, DIY, cable television's channel for Do-It-Yourselfers, will be airing a series of baseball inspired makeovers. We'll talk with Cincinnati Sports Anchor Dennis Janson, who serves as host and guide for DIY's "Major League Makeover".

This program aired on July 5, 2003.

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