Show rundown for 8/23/2003

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Goodbye Pete

Pete Sampras has packed up his tennis bag and will head off into the sunset. Bill and Bud Collins of the Boston Globe and NBC reflect on the career of arguably the best men's tennis player of all time.

Notre Dame Fantasy Camp

In 1993, the story of Daniel "Rudy" Ruettiger became the subject of a major motion picture. In the early seventies, Ruetigger dreamed of playing football on the Notre Dame gridiron. Considered too small and too slow to play football and too poor a student to ever attend Notre Dame, Ruettiger persevered and in 1975 made his dream a reality. This summer, twenty-seven dreamers got the chance to experience Fighting Irish football first hand. Joseph Kasko of member station WVPE in Elkhart, Indiana has the story.

Domino Dynamo

A Dominologist bests both cockroaches and rats to set a world record.

Betting On Myself

Steven Crist had his first experience at the race track when he was a college student, and the excitement of that experience suddenly made being a college student seem like a very dull proposition, indeed. In one way or another, Crist has been involved with picking winners ever since. In "Betting On Myself" he has written about the on-going adventure. He joins Bill from the studios of WAMC in Albany to discuss his book.

Over The Line

San Diegans have an August ritual which provides Southern California's festive beachgoers with yet another excuse to head out for the beach for a festival.

Pete Sampras Retires and More With Charlie Pierce

Bill Littlefield and Only A Game analyst Charlie Pierce discuss: Pete Sampras bids adieu, the new "Dream Team" dominates in Puerto Rico, and Little League romance.

Pennsic War XXXII

For those who think Disney has cornered the market on knights in shining armor, beautiful princesses, and bizarre surrealism, think again. Only A Game's Karen Given has our story.

This program aired on August 23, 2003.


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