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Show rundown for 10/11/200344:10

This article is more than 15 years old.

Curses? We Don't Need No Stinking Curses!

Chicago Cubs fans try to debunk the notion their team is cursed. Red Sox fans hope the inevitable heartbreak skips them this time. Yankee fans scoff at both of them.

Cowboy Up with Tim Kurkjian

Will the Red Sox win the World Series. Tim Kurkjian thinks they will, but first they have to get through those Damn Yankees.

A Leisurely Swim

An elderly gentleman enjoys a lifetime's worth of snorkeling in a single day.

Women's Soccer in the Shadow of the World Cup

Sweden or Germany will emerge at Women's World Cup champion Sunday in Carson, California. Absent from the proceedings are the usual suspects, Norway, China and, perhaps most notably, the U.S. Stateside soccer savants have suffered the recent loss of the WUSA and witnessed a World Cup that in several ways failed to live up to expectations. Still, interest in the women's game continues to grow in small, but significant ways, as Nick Roman of member station KKJZ in Long Beach reports.

Detroit Red Wings

The Detroit Red Wings' aging fleet of superstars once again find themselves among the NHL's early season favorites to win the Stanley Cup. And this year the Wings can count on the services of goalie Dominik Hasek, just back from retirement. Reporter Ron Schacter recently traveled to the Motor City to examine how the Wings plan to dominate in their dotage.


Bill shares his thoughts on what a really good night would be for troubled Boston Celtic Vin Baker.


Bill Littlefield reads from the Only A Game mailbag.


83 years after it occurred, the Black Sox scandal remains the most intriguing World Series story in the hundred year history of the Fall Classic. We'll talk to David Pietrusza, author of the new biography, Rothstein: the Life, Times, and Murder of the Criminal Genius who Fixed the 1919 World Series.

This program aired on October 11, 2003.

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