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Show rundown for 11/8/200330:14

This article is more than 15 years old.

Cleveland Basketball with Terry Pluto

The most highly touted (and most lavishly compensated) rookie in NBA history has played his first handful of games, most conspicuously the one in which his Cleveland Cavaliers faced the Denver Nuggets of Carmelo Anthony on Wednesday night. Akron-Beacon Journal Columnist Terry Pluto joins us to discuss the impact of LeBron James on Cleveland and the rest of us.

Carmelo and the Nuggets

The Denver Nuggets toppled the NBA Champion San Antonio Spurs two Wednesdays ago and dethroned a strong Sacramento Kings team three days later. Though it's early in the season, Denver fans hope that Carmelo Anthony, who was only 10 years old during the Nuggets' last playoff appearance in 1995, can help the team reverse its fortune. From Denver, Nancy Greenleese reports.

Even More Goat Racing

Some goats race for fun, some race for glory. These goats race so they won't be served for dinner.

Israeli Soccer

Three years of bloody intifada has taken hundreds of Israeli and Palestinian lives and fostered increasing mistrust between Israel's Arab and Jewish citizens. Despite this, the soccer pitch continues to be one of the better integrated areas of Israeli society, even if everywhere else in the stadium isn't. Reporter Nahanni Rous has our report.

Grayshirting on the Gridiron

Every February, college football teams and High School prospects tie their fates togethr on National Signing Day. But not all players who sign can look forward to joining their classmates on campus in the fall. We'll talk to Barry Svrluga, who penned an article on Grayshirting for the Washington Post.

Seven Marathons on Seven Continents

Bill updates the story of the pair attempting to run seven marathons on seven different continents.

NFL Mid-season and More with Charlie Pierce

Bill Littlefield and Only A Game analyst Charlie Pierce discuss, the NFL mid-season, Shaq-Kobe's reconciliation, and a contest for the ages.

Lawnmower Races

Ask any NASCAR fan what's so special about cars going around in circles, and they'll tell you: it's about speed, noise, and risk. But a growing number of average Joes who dream of turning their own laps in America's fastest-growing sport are turning to a more affordable four-wheeled vehicle.

This program aired on November 8, 2003.

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