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Tom Wilson

While states and even cities have sometimes enjoyed dual champions, but have two teams with the same owner won two championships in two sports in the same year. Detroit Pistons' owner Bill Davidson may do that this season, because the company he owns, Palace Sports and Entertainment, also holds the Stanley Cup Champion Tampa Bay Lightning. Palace president Tom Wilson, Lightning CEO and president of the Pistons as well joins Bill from Detroit.

San Diego Padres

The San Diego Padres, with a new stadium, new uniforms and new confidence, are currently vying for first place in the National League West. Bill checks in with the team as it makes its first-ever visit to Fenway Park.

Silicone Rally

We examine the potential dangers of a race car driver's extra, um, weight.

Native America

The ABA will expand from 7 to 31 teams next year. Among the new teams will be one comprised of native-Americans. Spider Ledesema the owner, CEO and president of "Native America" which will start play in Albuquerque this fall, talks to Bill about his ambition for this and future native-American squads.

Phyllis Shipman

It's not uncommon for pro football players to hang their cleats up in their twenties. Highly drafted NBA players often wash out in a year or two. But, as Nick Roman reports, there's at least one sport in which athletes, thirty, forty and older can find their groove.

The Last Best League

On June 17th, the Cape Cod League will open its 2004 season. Each summer, many of the country's best college baseball players join the Chatham A's, the Orleans Cardinals and the other clubs that make up the Cape League, which has long been celebrated as a throwback to the days when all the bats were made of wood (which is still the case in the Cape League) and everybody played for the fun of it. In "The Last Best League," Jim Collins tags along for the summer with a Cape League team and tells the stories of some of the players and he'll share some those stories with Bill.

Pistons and More with Charlie Pierce

Bill Littlefield and Only A Game analyst Charlie Pierce discuss, the Pistons earn a "blahch", the Lightning get told "nice try", and William Mays is back in baseball.

Thinking Highly of Gebrselassie

At 31 years old, Ethiopian track superstar Haile Gebrselassie is old. His days dominating middle distance running are over. The Emperor has been deposed. But, as Only A Game's Karen Given reports, it's not nearly time to count Gebrselassie out.

This program aired on June 12, 2004.

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