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John Kerry the Sports Fan

It's not often that a reporter with an opportunity to talk to a presidential candidate for an entire cross-country plane ride would want to discuss sports. But that's exactly what happened with ESPN the Magazine's Peter Keating. In May, Keating picked John Kerry's brain about his favorite sports and sports movies during a flight from Boston to Las Vegas. Keating joins us to share some of the details of that conversation.

Detroit Tiger Turnaround

In 2003, the Detroit Tigers were a bad team. Actually, the last sentence was an insult to the word bad. The Detroit Tigers were an absolute train wreck in 2003. With a record of 43-119, only a winning streak in the last week of the season kept them from having the worst record in modern baseball history. This year, as Ron Schacter reports, is completely different. This year, the Detroit Tigers are mediocre and they'll take that for now.

Extreme Chess

A chess match turns into a pro wrestling brawl.

U.S. Volleyball

The U.S. men's volleyball team dominated international play in the 1980's. Though the U.S. won the bronze medal at the Barcelona games in 1992, at the 1996 games, the indoor team finished a dismal 9th. Four years later, they hobbled to an 11th place finish, the worst year ever for a U.S team. But a scrappy, young, U.S. team is set to return American volleyball to its former glory. From Colorado Springs, Nancy Greenleese reports.

Tevis Cup

This weekend, the fiftieth annual Tevis Cup ride will begin in Lake Tahoe and take riders and their horses over a one hundred mile trail through the Sierra Nevada Mountains.


Bill finds that knowing everything about sports probably means you don't know much about anything else.

Elephant Polo

The Olympics, the Super Bowl, and the World Cups of both cricket and soccer are just a few of the world's really big sporting events. But last September, Judith Ritter attended something much, much bigger, and she has this report.

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