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Show rundown for 8/14/200425:15

This article is more than 15 years old.

Athens Olympics with John Powers

The venues are ready, security is tight, and it's time for the Games to begin. The Boston Globe's John Powers joins us from Athens.

Olympic Security

Opinion regarding Olympic security has been divided since long before security measures were implemented for the Games in Greece. Now that they've begun, that's still the case. Joanna Kakissis reports.

Blitzkrieg - It's Only A Game

A T-shirt is at the center of the latest, but surely not the last, Olympic scandal.

Shannon Miller

Shannon Miller, arguably the most decorated Olympic gymnast in U.S. history, joins us from Athens. Miller, who works as analyst for NBC, discusses the chances the American team has for gold next week.

More Than Just a Game

"More Than Just A Game" reviews developments in the world of sports over the past half century, and delves sports' impact beyond the stadium.

Gail Devers and More with Charlie Pierce

Bill Littlefield and Only A Game analyst Charlie Pierce discuss: Gail Devers runs the 100, the Nets go to Brooklyn, and international relations get soggy.


Bill reads a few from the OAG mailbag.

The Devil Rays

The typical baseball season for the Tampa Bay Devil Rays has gone like this: Start slowly, get worse, lose hope, finish last. Seventy wins seasons are disasters for some organizations, but for the D-Rays, 70 wins is a benchmark year. Bill discovers that with a nice mixture of talented youngsters and a very veteran coaching staff, Tampa Bay has a good chance of reaching that modest goal and perhaps loftier ones down the road.

This program aired on August 14, 2004.

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