Show rundown for 9/4/2004

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Kobe Leaves Court

This week, a judge in Colorado dropped the criminal charges against Kobe Bryant. Now that the NBA superstar only has a million dollar civil case to worry about, we'll look at what happens when money, sports celebrity, and the justice system collide. We'll talk to ESPN's Marc Stein.

NASCAR with Lee Spencer

If you haven't been paying attention to NASCAR this season, you've missed a change or two. No longer sponsored by the makers of an addictive, cancer causing agent, the series is now supported by our latest addiction... cell phones. And, in an effort to make the late season more exciting, the Chase for the Cup is now proceeded by the Chase for the Chase for the Cup. Lee Spencer of The Sporting News joins us from Fontana.

A Major League Potty Training Guide

Kansas City Royals vs. Huggies

College Football with Dan Wetzel

Following a smattering of games last weekend, today the college football season kicks off in well as in South Bend, Philadelphia, Worcester, Annapolis, San Diego, and Columbus...among many, many other places. Dan Wetzel of Yahoo Sports joins us for a preview of what is sure to be the greatest college football season ever.


Bill Littlefield opens the Only A Game mailbag.

Kobe and More with Charlie Pierce

Bill Littlefield and Only A Game analyst Charlie Pierce discuss: Kobe Bryant leaves court, Romanian gold, and a very popular game of basketball.


Late in his new book about Joe Namath, Mark Kriegel writes of his subject, "he was never one of the guys." That was, as Kriegel discovered, the quarterback's blessing and his curse. Mark Kriegel joins us to discuss Namath: A Biography.

This program aired on September 4, 2004.

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