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Show rundown for 10/9/200425:16

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Oh sure, the Boston Red Sox are famous for post-season collapses. But the Houston Astros have not only never won a World Series, they've never won a post-season series. Richard Justice of the Houston Chronicle joins Bill from Houston to discuss whether or not this year's Atstros squad can finally break through to the next round.

WNBA Attendance

Experts agree that the month long hiatus the WNBA took for the Athens Olympics was a great success for the league as women's basketball shone on the world stage. Those same experts felt the other shoe would drop when the delayed schedule meant the women's game would have to compete with the NFL and the baseball playoffs. BIll discovered that while attendance and ratings have taken their predictable stumbles, it's not as bad as everyone predicted.

With a name like that...

Proof that television viewers prefer sports to news.

Charlotte Bobcats

After 14 years, the once-beautiful relationship between Charlotte and it's NBA squad, the Hornets, ended in litigation, controversey, apathy and the team's move to New Orleans in 2002. The expansion Bobcats start play this season. The team hopes to avoid the kind of messy divorce the Queen City had with its previous hoop tenants. RIck Bonell covers the NBA for the Charlotte Observer and joins Bill from North Carolina.

The New Ball Game

It has been said that if you can make your play your work, you will be a happy worker. Just ask Steve Holmes. He's the guy who turned his affection for Minor League Baseball into the production of a video entitled The New Ballgame...a project that required him to travel all over the country watching games. His chronicle of those travels may encourage baseball fans who are wondering where their sustenance will come from once this Autumn's fall classic has given way to Winter.

Baseball Playoffs and More with Charlie Pierce

Bill Littlefield and Only A Game analyst Charlie Pierce discuss: a judge's series altering decision, a golfer's matrimonial plunge, and a soccer team's "familial" tribute.

Golf and Yoga, Yoga and Golf

Since the Middle Ages, when man first put stick to ball in the game which has come to be known as golf, golfers have been searching for ways to lower their scores. As Only A Game's Karen Given reports, sometimes that quest leads to unexpected places.

This program aired on October 9, 2004.

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