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Show rundown for 10/30/200425:16

This article is more than 16 years old.

The Red Sox Won!

Those illusive words Red Sox fans have been waiting to hear since 1918 have finally been spoken. The Boston Red Sox are World Series Champions. Bill Littlefield joins in the celebration.

Tim Kurkjian

ESPN's Tim Kurkjian declared last week that the Yankees were no longer the Yankees. We'll find out whether the Red Sox are still the Red Sox.

Literary Letters

Red Sox fans are a literary bunch. Bill Littlefield samples some of celebratory offerings that found their way into the Only A Game mailbox this week.

Rolling out the Message

The Grand Rapids Rampage acknowledge a stinky season.

Adonal Foyle

It's possible sports fans of all kinds, even NBA players, who begin their season on Tuesday, Election Day, will remember to head to the voting booth before lacing up their sneakers. Certainly, Golden State Warriors center Adonal Foyle would encourage that behavior. He's spent the last three years involving young people in politics with his non-partisan group, Democracy Matters and he joins us for a political discussion.

University of Wyoming

It's nearly impossible to read a sports magazine or peruse a sports website without stumbling across stories of athletes who have overcome adversity. Reporter Greg Echlin recently spent time with the University of Wyoming Men's Cross Country team, and he reports that few, if any, teams have experienced difficulties like the ones the Cowboys have over the past three years.

Home Run Horse

This weekend in Grand Prarie, Texas, the Breeders' Cup World Thoroughbred Championships will take place at Lone Star Park. This particular day at the races is one of only a handful of occasions up which thoroughbred horse racing attracts the decidedly divided attention of those who follow our many games. In "The Home Run Horse: Inside America's Billion-Dollar Racehorse Industry and the High-Stakes Dreams That Fuel It," Glenye Cain discusses, among other things, the mix of money, savvy, and luck it takes to get a horse to the starting gate for any race, let alone one the public notices. Glenye Cain join us from the studios of WUKY in Lexington, Kentucky.

Snow-less Snowmobiles

Each October, more than 20,000 people gather in Fremont, New Hampshire for one of the biggest snowmobile events of the year.

This program aired on October 30, 2004.

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