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John Powers

The jostling, intriguing and lobbying for the 2012 Olympics are almost over. Or has it just begun? London, Paris, Moscow, Madrid and New York, all have a shot to host the summer games. John Powers of the Boston Globe, joins Bill in the studio to analyze who has the best shot of winning the IOC sweepstakes.

Gunning for Annika

The unstoppable force on the LPGA tour known as Annika Sorenstam was in fact stopped on her quest to win a grand slam in Last Saturday's U.S. Open. She was denied history but that may not be such a bad thing. Bill investigates how the new youth movement may go a long way to make the women's game more successful down the road.

Petco Adventure

Relief for one pitcher wasn't so easy to find at Petco.

Lance's War

Today marks the beginning of the Tour De France, which Lance Armstrong will try to win for the seventh consecutive time. Armstrong has announced that he will retire after the race, no matter the result. In a new book "Lance Armstrong's War," Daniel Coyle chronicles the career of the most dominant champion in the tour's long history. Coyle joins Bill from Alaska Public Radio in Anchorage.

Broadcast Dreams

Though few ever get to broadcast Major League games, plenty of baseball fans dream of doing it. The Philadelphia Phillies will give anyone with a few bucks and the requisite hubris a shot at big league play-by-play. Joel Rose of WHYY in Philadelphia reports.


Bill reflects on his own broadcast dreams.

The NBA Draft and More with Charlie Pierce

Bill Littlefield and Only A Game analyst Charlie Pierce discuss: The NBA Draft, Wimbledon, and a really, really big fish...really big.


We have never told of a tale of one who soared. We remedy that situation now, thanks to Only A Game's Karen Given.

This program aired on July 2, 2005.