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John Powers

John Powers joins Bill from the World Track and Field Championships in Helsinki and give us an update.

Faster, Higher, Stronger, Poorer

On August 13th, 2004, the game of the 28th Olympiad began with lavish opening ceremonies. Exactly one year later, some Greeks are wondering if the 2004 Summer Games were worth the cost. From Athens, Joanna Kakissis reports.

Bedlam in Belgium

It's hilarity when the peloton takes a wrong turn.

NCAA Mascot Flap

Last week, the NCAA announced it would bar schools from using native-American mascots and logos during post-season events. The move caused both outcry and celebration. Bill looks into this complicated and contentious issue.

Cool Carts

Golf vacations account for about one billion of Arizona's $12 billion a year tourism industry. Most of that cool cabbage is earned when the mercury is relatively low, but when average high temperatures hit 107 degrees, Phoenix-area golf courses and resorts are forced to drop their rates by at least half. Course managers are now turning to a variety of cool innovations they hope will keep the thermometer lower and fees higher. From member station KJZZ in Phoenix, Steve Goldstein reports.


Bill updates some our favorite stories of shows past.

How To Use the Talkback Button and More With Charlie Pierce

Bill and "Only A Game" analyst Charlie Pierce discuss: NHL free agent signings, how the mic is always on, and the expletive that gave Terrell Owens a week off.

Death and the Sun

"Death and the Sun: A Matador's Season in the Heart of Spain," follows Francisco Rivera Ordonez from the grand bullrings in Spain's largest cities to the bullfighting of th county fair circuit. Edward Lewine, the book's author, travels with Ordonez, chronicling his triumphs and disappointments. Lewine joins Bill from NPR West.

This program aired on August 13, 2005.