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The WNBA is winding down its regular season. Judging by the records, you could say Connecticut and Sacramento are locks to meet for the title. But then Clay Kallam of Full Court Press would say you were wrong. Kallam joins Bill for analysis and undoubtedly iron-clad predictions.

Dimtriy Salita

In the 1920's and 30's almost a third of all professional boxers in America were Jewish. The last Jewish world champion was Mike Rossman who held the light heavyweight crown in the late 1970's. Twenty-three year old orthodox Jew, Dimitriy Salita could be next. Jon Kalish profiels the undefeated junior welterweight from Brooklyn with the star of David on his trunks.

Ferret Agility Trials

Once again, the U.S. Olympic Committee has its priorities in order.

The NHL on OLN

Soon, the prime time line up of the cable channel formerly known at the Outdoor Life Network will include "All Star BBQ Showdown", "Survivor" reruns, and the NHL. Has OLN made a huge mistake in spending millions on a ratings loser? Can the NHL survive the stigma of running commercials for "Buckmasters" and "Ducks Unlimited TV" during intermissions? We turn to Richard Sandomir of the New York Times for answers.


Bill pulls a few from the OAG mail bag.

The Mascot Hall of Fame and More With Charlie Pierce

Bill Littlefield and "Only A Game" analyst Charlie Pierce discuss: Training camp becomes fantasy camp, the geniuses of UConn basketball, and yodelology.

The Guinness Book of Me

The Guinness Book of Me is the memoir of Steven Church, who spent a lot of time reading, thinking, and fantasizing about the people immortalized by their weird achievements.

This program aired on August 20, 2005.