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Armstrong's Latest Woes

This week, the French sports newspaper L'Equipe accused Lance Armstrong of using the banned blood booster EPO during his first Tour de France win in 1999. Armstrong has called the allegations "preposterous". The director of the race calls the charges "proven scientific fact". Bill Littlefield updates the story and speaks with David Walsh, a journalist and author who has written about doping allegations against Armstrong.

We will...we will..rock you.

A girls' soccer team falls victim to rock music.


You played the game at recess as a child, and you may have seen the movie last summer. Now you can play the game of dodgeball without fear of ridicule and perhaps even go pro. Minnesota Public Radio's Toni Randolph reports.

Poinsettia Bowl and More with Charlie Pierce

Bill Littlefield and Only A Game analyst Charlie Pierces discuss: college football re-discovers the fun of bowl names, Florida State takes on the NCAA, and comparing steroids to milk.

Tennis Showcase

Pro football combines have long existed to help connect coaches with players who'd like to play. Some showcases designed to help talented high school basketball players get the attention of college coaches even attract television coverage. But, can such a concept work for a sport like tennis? Bill Littlefield investigates.

This program aired on August 27, 2005.