Show rundown for 12/17/2005

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The Next Bowl with Dan Wetzel

Pioneer Pure Vision, Insight, Fed Ex Orange...Motor City, Auto Zone, and nothing rimes with orange. Dan Wetzel, who writes about college football for Yahoo Sports, joins Bill from some place bound to feature a bowl any minute now.

Defunct College Bowls

The remarkable number of bowl games about to transpire notwithstanding, not all the post-season college football spectaculars have proved to be spectacular. Bill investigates a few college bowl games that, for various reasons, were spectacularly short lived.

The Ultimate Soccer Mom

It's never too early to root for your local team.

Ice Princess

Next month is St. Louis, the best U.S. figure skaters compete to determine which of them will travel to Torino for the Olympics in February. Among the female contenders is Emily Hughes, whom Jesse Green has profiled for tomorrow's Sunday New York Times Magazine. Jesse Green joins Bill from NPR's New York bureau.

Cyclo-cross Championship in New England

It's easy to see why cyclo-cross has been compared to the steeplechase. When organizers planned the Liberty Mutual US National Cyclo-cross Championships for December in Providence, Rhode Island, they knew the winter in New England had the potential to add even more difficulty to the mix. As Karen Given reports, they weren't disappointed.

Football Gambling with Charlie Pierce

Bill and "Only A Game" analyst Charlie Pierce discuss: new advances in football betting, soccer's World Cup, and Alex Rodriguez' torn allegiance.

13th Annual Holiday Gift Guide

At the risk of encouraging dependency, for 13 years now, we've been providing desperate shoppers with last minute suggestions for the sports fans on their holiday gift lists. Bill presents this year's collection.

This program aired on December 17, 2005.

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