Show rundown for 3/25/2006

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NCAA Tournament Update

The NCAA's big basketball dances waltz on, Bill identifies the party crashers in his tournament update.

Getting a Piece of the Tournament's Pie

The pressure of winning a NCAA National Championship doesn't fall exclusively on the players and their coach, whose job may depend on how far his team gets in the tournament. Bill looks beyond the full court press and game-winning shots to find out what colleges and their conferences gain from a tournament appearance.

Dollar Signs at the Big Dance

Bill further explores the issue of NCAA tournament gains and losses with Smith College Professor of Economics, Andrew Zimbalist.

Game of Shadows

Bill talks with writers Mark Fainaru-Wada and Lance Williams, authors of the book "Game of Shadows," and asks tough questions about their exploration of the evidence against Barry Bonds.

Lessons from a School of Fish

The mostly anonymous Florida Marlins lineup currently preparing in Jupiter, Florida for the 2006 Major League Baseball season is likely to be the same one taking the field opening day. The Marlins dismantled the team that won the World Series just three years ago, but as Ron Schachter reports, the current school of thought is that the Marlins have the rest of Major League Baseball right where they want them.

The Big Dance and More with Charlie Pierce

Bill and Only A Game analyst Charlie Pierce discuss: bears dancing in the final four, attorneys putting a stamp on the shadows, and an all-star planning a comeback.

Finding Family in the California Dunes

Last November, about 200,000 people converged on Southern California's Imperial Sand Dunes. Some compete in the dune buggy races, some go for the camaraderie, but as Only a Game's Charlie Schroeder reports, some hit the dunes to find family.

This program aired on March 25, 2006.

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