Show rundown for 4/15/2006

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Facing off at the NHL Playoffs

Bill checks in with L.A. Times reporter Helene Elliot to see which teams will be checking each other in the NHL playoffs.

The Predators are Preying

Only A Game's Kim Green investigates how the Nashville Predators, an expansion team, is successfully preying on so many of the big market, big budget franchises of the NHL

DNA from the Blue Devils

The Duke Men's Lacrosse season was cancelled last week following allegations of a gang rape at an off-campus team party last month. WUNC's Dave Dewitt reports on the growing tension between Duke University and the surrounding community.

"In the Best Interest of Baseball?"

The question mark at the end of Andrew Zimbalist's most recent new book, "In the Best Interest of Baseball?" suggests the author is dubious about the actions of baseball's commissioners. Bill discussed the motives of Major League commissioners with the author.

A Marathon Philosophy

Monday's 110th running of the Boston Marathon will feature sweat, determination and odds-defying performances by dedicated runners who would, if they knew him, wish to distance themselves physically and philosophically from one particular commentator. Tim O'Shea, writer from Concord, New Hampshire takes on that role.

Durham's Next Move and More with Charlie Pierce

DNA Tests for the Blue Devils, Federal Investigations for the BALCO Giant, Spring Starts for the Yankees, and More with Charlie Pierce.

Diving into Aircraft Territory

Many scuba divers spend the winter visiting balmy destinations, but divers who stay closer to home can test out their scuba gear in the lakes of National Parks. And soon the National Park Service hopes to add another unique dive site. Only A Game's Karen Given has the story from Boulder City, Nevada.

This program aired on April 15, 2006.

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