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The Shots Heard Around the World

When word got out that Lance Armstrong would retire after the '05 Tour de France, speculation about the next champion kept cycling fans wrapt with attention. All of a sudden, we're focused on the Tour for a different reason. Steve Madden, editor of Bicylcling Magazine, joins us in the studio to discuss the biggest scandal ever to rock the sport.

School de France

You know, of course, that studying the Tour de France has myriad educational possibilities. Don't worry, we didn't either--until now. Long Island's Roslyn Middle School has staged a mock Tour for the past 12 years. Only A Game's Jon Kalish has the report.

Soccer Against the Enemy

Simon Kuper has reissued his 1994 book "Soccer Against the Enemy" for an American audience. Despite changes in the world of soccer, the book is still relevant. Simon Kuper joins us on the line from Paris to discuss these changes as well as those tried and true rivalries and traditions that make soccer what it is.

The Transplant Games

Alonzo Mourning is not the only athlete with a transplant still competing. For more than two decades, these competitors have participated in a tournament less profiled than most--but no less exciting. Kathleen Adams of WUKY has more from Louisville, Kentucky.

Charlie Pierce

Bill and Only A Game analyst Charlie Pierce discuss: Jose the Surf-Dawg; Whistled-down Refs; Isiah, "Solomon", and Larry?

Kokoyaku: High School Baseball

In an age of over-zealous coaches and parents, the men who manage the Japanese high school baseball teams profiled in the film "Kokoyaku: High School Baseball" offer a refreshing change. Writer/Producer Alex Shear and Director Kenneth Eng join us on the line to discuss the Koshien Tournament and its cast of characters.

This program aired on July 1, 2006.

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