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World Cup Roundup

As this summer's World Cup was set to start, pundits were counting out the Italians and the French for various reasons. They claimed "Les Bleus" were "Les Vieux" and that the Italians would not emerge from the shadow of their country's match-fixing scandal. Grant Wahl of Sports Illustrated joins us on the line for a Final conversation.

Truly a Place to Make Friends

The success of the host team in this year's World Cup has inspired great enthusiasm in German fans. And the red, gold, and black of Germany have been flying proudly without any messy political connotations. Only A Game's Curt Nickish reports from Germany.

Wimbledon with Bud Collins

Wimbledon is out of Americans but not out of excitement as we get ready for another Nadal-Federer final. Also, Mauresmo looks to beat Henin-Hardenne the right way. Bud Collins joins us on the line to preview the men's and women's finals from Wimbledon.

Mad Seasons

The Milwaukee Does and the Minnesota Fillies were once professional sports franchises. Don't believe it? From 1978-1981 the Women's Basketball League pioneered the pro hoops game in America. Karra Porter, whose book "Mad Seasons" captures the ins and outs of the W.B.L. joins us on the line.


Bill reads some correspondence for the Only A Game mailbag.

Charlie Pierce

From Pamplona to Chicago, Bulls are running wild; Allergen-free AA; more than a few pairs of Sox headed to the Steel City.

Lumber in Slumber No More

Hawaiians of Polynesian decent have revived a fading tradition of canoe-building and sailing in the Pacific Ocean. Only A Game's Jesse Hardman reports from Hawaii.

This program aired on July 8, 2006.

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