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Show rundown for 10/21/200625:02

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October is So Sweet

Two unlikely teams will meet in the fall classic. So which fans will be rewarded this autumn...the one's who have waited so patiently for 22 years, or those who have kept the faith for 24? Tim Kurkjian of ESPN and ESPN The Magazine joins Bill to preview the Cardinals-Tigers World Series match-up.

Public Despair

Tim's desperate stab at a fall classic winner notwithstanding, there are only three guarantees: That one team will win the world series, one will lose, and the loser will watch morosely from the dugout as the other team celebrates. Why do players watch this sad ceremony? And why do we as fans, love to see it? Reporter Keith O'Brien has this report.

"The Blind Side"

(Note - this story starts at: 12:31 on the player.)
In the Blind Side, Michael Lewis tells two stories that seem bound to intersect in the football career of a young man named Michael Oher.


Bill reads from the Only A Game mailbox

The World Series and More with Charlie Pierce

Bill and Only A Game analyst Charlie Pierce discuss: Bob Knight back at Texas Tech, baseball's off-season managerial moves and the world's best rice chef.

A Bold Face in the Crowd

Dan Drebing is a senior at Holliston High and the only boy on the girls' volleyball team. In fact, he's the only boy on any team in the entire league. Bill visited with Dan and his teammates.

This program aired on October 21, 2006.

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