Show rundown for 1/27/2007

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Women's College Hoops With Michelle Smith

There's only 50 more days until March Madness! Are you ready? Michelle Smith of the San Francisco Chronicle is ready and she joins Bill to discuss the women's game and what to look for as we get ready head down the home stretch to the tournament.

San Antonio Spurs

The Dallas Mavericks and Phoenix Suns are tearing up the NBA's Western Conference. Meanwhile, the poor San Antonio Spurs are in such a funk that they have the NBA's third best record. Confused? Only A Game's Gabe O'Connor will straighten things out for you.

Hawkey With Helene Elliott

If an all-star game is played and no one watches did really happen? We ask Helene Elliott of the Los Angeles Times that important question and more as the embattled NHL begins its second half of mostly anonymous play.

Pond Hockey

There was no lifeguard at Minneapolis's Lake Nokomis Beach last weekend. That's a good thing because not only was it very cold, it was unlikely any guard could have kept watch over 1200 skaters. More than two hundred teams were scattered over the frozen lakes' 25 makeshift hockey rinks for the U.S. Pond Hockey Championships, where hockey lovers went to compete, celebrate open-air hockey and even reconnect with their younger, simpler days. Minnesota Public Radio's William Wilcoxin reports.


Bill pulls a few listener letters from the Only A Game virtual mailbag.

Gilbert Arenas' Revenge and More with Charlie Pierce

Bill and Only A Game analyst Charlie Pierce discuss: The Roger Federer Tennis Buzz Saw Experience, Gilbert Arenas wreaking havoc on the NBA, and Dick Vitale's non-sequitor parade.

Searching for Bobby Orr

A new book by Stephen Brunt, explores Bobby Orr's achievement, his impact on the game, and the sometimes-painful circumstances of his post-hockey days.

This program aired on January 27, 2007.


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