Show rundown for 2/24/2007

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Wisconsin's Week at No. 1

While Wisconsin's first week ever at No. 1 didn't start out great, a road showdown at Ohio State is a chance for redemption for the top's men team in the country. Joining Bill Littlefield from Madison is Adam Mertz, Sports Editor of The Capitol Times.

Draft Or Dorm Room

Defections from college basketball's underclassmen to the NBA draft is the new reality on campus. Professional quality four-year players are now a rarity. Will that trend continue with Kevin Durant of Texas and Greg Oden of Ohio State? Bill Littlefield speaks with Gregg Doyel, national columnist for CBS

Vermont's New Team

Hocking, skiing, snowboarding, those are the sports that draw the big crowds in Vermont. But it is a sport free from ice or snow that is quickly capturing the state's attention. The American Basketball Association's Vermont Frost Heaves own the best record in the league and sell out nightly. Only A Game's Jane Lindholm explores the reasons behind the Frost Heaves success.

"Hockey: A People's History"

Americans love sports. Canadians love hockey, and now they have a coffee table book to prove it. Michael McKinley, author of "Hockey: A People's History," joins Bill Littlefield from the studies of CBC in Vancouver.

A Colorful Approach

Ski. Shoot. Ski. Shoot. While biathlon is all the rage in Europe, it has yet to capture America. Vermont Public Radio's Nina Keck explores how fans in Vermont are trying to lure kids to the foreign sport.

This program aired on February 24, 2007.


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