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Will John Calipari return to the Final Four or will Greg Oden stomp on Memphis on his way to the NBA? With his bracket kicking butt, Bill Littlefield is eager to run down Sweet Sixteen action and size up the Elite Eight.

A Foxy Cinderella

Coach Brian Giorgis and his Marist Red Foxes are hoping for a glass slipper fitting this Sunday in the women's tournament, but before they dance into the Elite Eight, the No. 13 seed has a showdown with Tennessee. Bill Littlefield talks with Coach Giorgis.

Rekindling the Magic

Since Shaquille O'Neal left the Orlando Magic in 1996, the team has floundered. Now the Magic are aiming for their first playoff berth in four years, and as Only A Game's Ron Schacter reporters, the team has once again placed its hope on a promising young center.

Updating the Earthrace

Trying to break the world circumnavigation record in a biodiesel book is not easy, nor is it uneventful. Engine problems were foreseeable, but what followed was definitely not. Bill updates us on the Earthrace's bizarre turn of events.

When Mayo Recruited U.S.C.

O.J. Mayo had no business wanting to go to USC to play college basketball. He had the pick of the litter, but instead HE chose USC. Lee Jenkins of The New York Times joins Bill to recount one of the most bizarre recruiting stories in college basketball.

"Taking Shots"

NBA agent Keith Glass sometimes fancies himself a real-life Jerry Maguire, a pillar of honesty surrounded by sharks. At other times, Glass has helped commercialize the game and cash in on his player's woes. Bill talks with the author of "Taking Shots" on the NBA's curious culture.

Hoops, Fines and Folly

Boston Globe Magazine writer Charlie Pierce chats with Bill about Tubby taking off, who will take the NCAA title, the shocking revelation that WWE wrestlers have a history of steroid use, and more.

The Gym at the Corner of Third and Ross

Golden gloves boxing is making a comeback in Pittsburgh, thanks in part to Jimmy Cvetic, a former cop and homicide detective who hopes that the sport will help at least a few kids find better lives. Bill Littlefield visited Jimmy's gym at the corner of Third and Ross in Pittsburgh, and has the story.

This program aired on March 24, 2007.


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