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Show rundown for 7/7/200725:02

This article is more than 12 years old.

Positively False

Floyd Landis won the 2006 Tour de France, and much of his life since then has been spent trying to refute charges that he did not do so legitimately. Floyd joins Bill Littlefield to discuss his experience and his opinions on the state of professional cycling.

Just Say "No" to Cycling

Illegal doping in cycling has reached the point where the most suspicious outcome is a clean winner. In light of this realization, Bill Littlefield has some advice to offer the officials of the 2007 Tour de France.

What's a Velodrome?

Unfortunately, for you Scrabble enthusiasts, it is a proper noun. Triple word scores aside, as Karen Given reports, it may also have something to do with a bicycle race in New Hampshire.

Bud Collins Does Wimbledon

After 35 years with NBC, Bud Collins is currently serving his final summer as a tennis broadcaster. While that may make the rain at Wimbledon seem fitting, he and Bill break down the action at the All England Club.

Chatting with Charlie Pierce

The Boston Globe's Charlie Pierce joins Bill to discuss the NBA Draft, milestones for the Big Hurt and the Astro who tries to get hurt, and outerwear for marsupial drunkards.

Are You Adequately Prepared to Rock?

A list of the most memorable rock and roll pseudonyms includes Polly Styrene, Captain Sensible, and Cheetah Chrome. Charlie Schroeder attended an event recently that featured competitors boasting great aliases and gripping ersatz rock guitar moves, and he has this real report.

This program aired on July 7, 2007.

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