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This article is more than 12 years old.

The Clevelands last were winners back in 1948...
A year in which, ironic'ly, the Indians played great
Enough to beat the Braves, who lived in Boston at the time...
So wouldn't it be right and just... would it not be sublime
If Boston's Red Sox beat the Clevelands?
Would the Braves love that?
Or would they care at all?
For they left Boston like the rats
That leave a sinking ship. They likewise scuttled from Milwaukee...
And settled in Atlanta, leaving Boston to Tom Yawkey.
(And I could write and rime forever; I could likewise talk, see,
And never find another owner riming with Milwaukee.)

But I digress.
The Diamondbacks just six short years ago,
Upset the New York Yankees with a fellow who could throw
And shoot his mouth off, too, as long as listeners were willing...
And he is with the Red Sox now, and his name is Curt Schilling.
Said Red Sox were a brilliant story for a lot of years,
Best known for driving fans toward madness in the veil of tears
That Boston had become before it finally won the thing...
And now the fans in Boston will expect another ring.

See, that's what happened when the Bostons won it in '04...
Where once fans said once is enough, they're pleading now for more.
That leaves us with the Rockies, whose World Series score is nil;
They've never copped the prize before. Perhaps they never will...
It may be that the pressure for this late-arriving team
Will crush them, so the NLCS is a gruesome dream
So full of hissing snakes that they will wish they'd never come...
The snakes, see, are the Diamondbacks, that hissing, rattling tribe...
No, wait, the tribe's the Indians. Theirs is a mighty vibe...
And that is why I pick them to prevail above the rest,
A pick not based on sentiment. It's only that they're best...
The fans of all the other three might be inclined to bitching,
But Cleveland will prevail, my friends, for they have got the pitching.

This program aired on October 11, 2007. The audio for this program is not available.

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