Show rundown for 12/22/2007

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Mitchell Report Response Redux

First Bill Littlefield talks to Childs Walker who covers the Orioles for the Baltimore Sun. The team so far is the only one in the majors that has spoken out against the Mitchell report. Why have the Orioles taken this stand and how have Baltimoreans handled the aftershocks of the controversial investigation.

Why They Come Back

This has easily been one of the most scandalous years in recent sports history. Fans complain but the NFL and Major League Baseball are more successful than ever. Bill Littlefield talks to writer Dave Zirin to find out how this is happening.

Barry Bonds Lassos the Clear

The "Only A Game" players present a BALCO version of "It's a Wonderful Life." It's guaranteed to be as heart warming as the original. We promise.

The Rise the Goons and More With Helene Elliott

Fighting has been a part of the NHL since it began. But as hard as the league has worked to remove the goon element, the violence seems to be more prevalent and more vicious. Helene Elliot of the Los Angeles Times joins Bill Littlefield to talk about this and other things hockey related.

The Pack is Back

Everyone knows quarterback and future first ballot hall of famer Brett Favre but it's the unsung youngsters that have propelled the Green Bay Packers to a 12-2 record.


Bill Littlefield pulls a few letters out the Only A Game virtual mailbag.

Internet Take Home Tests and More with Charlie Pierce

Bill Littlefield and Only A Game analyst Charlie Pierce discuss: Congress to baseball's rescue, Florida State academic shenanigans, and the renowned humor of PETA.


"Pitching in for kids" raises money to improve the lives of hospitalized children. Last weekend the non-profit group held a fundraiser in downtown Boston involving a classic board game.

Christmas Favorites

Bill remembers some of the best presents of Christmas past.

This program aired on December 22, 2007.

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